Clothing Tags Categories-must Know Before Ordering Them

Clothing Tags Categories-must Know Before Ordering Them

The clothing hang tags allow you to presents your items in a more eye-catching and exclusive manner. You can and reasonably give your product a designer look with high-quality appearances. The paper and card tags are printed with premium quality material, the paper obtained from first-class producers. These tags are used to add details info that makes your products too much distinctive. The paper or card being used is then chemically treated to confirm that the finest quality is produced and have not defected on the ultimately produced paper.

Standard Swing Tag Printing

Standard Swing Tag Printing either Silk board or 100% Recycled card, our standard printed swing tags are slightly attractive. 4mm hole punched as standard, so you can pick to have the tags supplied with or without thread. Also, you can print one or both sides of paper or cards, and all is eco. The size of the standard swing tag is 55 x 85mm.

Our square clothing tags printing has a fresh look, a little more modern than our standard swing tags. Choose from 400grams soft Silk board or uncoated Recycled card. With a 4mm punched hole as standard and with or without thread. You can print one or both sides, and if you have a demand for more designs, make the most of our great multiple types opportunity. The size of the square swing tag is 65 x 65mm.

Round clothing Tags

The simple round clothing hangs tag is a key element of its demand. Our circular swing tags are available in 50mm and 70mm sizes and choose ecological paper. Printed with ecological toners on a digital press, have our multiple types offered at your disposal for when one design is not sufficient. Size 50mm or 70mm (diameter).

Kraft hang Tags Printing.

Select our four sizes, 148 x 50 mm, standard 85 x 55 mm, 65mm square, or A7. It gives the final touch to all the refined products. Digital printed in full colors that give excellent results on our elegant tangible kraft board. Kraft swing tag adds a distinctive visual appeal to all fashion and retail items. Available in different sizes.