Retail Therapy, And Why Does it Make You Feel Happier

Retail Therapy, And Why Does it Make You Feel Happier

Retail therapy is the act of purchasing items to make ourselves feel better. It may not seem like it, but retail therapy can actually have a positive impact on our moods and happiness levels. What might happen when you go shopping? You might feel excited about the prospect of finding something new or comforting that you don’t need to worry about your problems for a while. Retail therapy does more than just make us happy in the moment; it gives us an opportunity to take care of ourselves and improve our mental health.

Why does it makes you feel happier?

The act of retail therapy can make you feel happy in the moment, but there are also other benefits that come with it. One reason for why people turn to retail therapy is as a distraction from unpleasant feelings or events, like after a bad break-up. Retail therapy can help us take care of ourselves and improve our mental health by giving us an opportunity to think about something else that we enjoy and have fun doing. Sometimes just being outside walking around makes us happier because fresh air has been shown to boost moods, reduce stress hormone levels, increase serotonin production (which boosts happiness) and more!

How do you do it in a healthy way?

So, how can you do retail therapy in a healthy manner? One way to do retail therapy in a healthy manner is by buying something you need for yourself, not because of what it represents. For example, if your self-esteem has been low lately or you’ve just come off a bad break up and want so desperately to feel better about yourself again, buy clothes! Clothes are an investment that will make us look good and can bring back our self-confidence; sometimes we may feel like the only thing going right in life is having new clothes which makes us happy. Some people prefer to buy shoes, and finding some nice pairs of ladies footwear in Sri Lanka stores, will be the ideal solution to cheer you up. However, this would be considered “retail therapy with intentionality” as opposed to “retail therapy without intentionality” (buying things from shopping addiction).

It’s important to remember that simply spending a vast amount of money on things that we don’t need will not make us happy. Retail therapy can bring back our self-confidence, but only if it’s done with intentionality and when the right time in life to spend money on clothes or other items has come by.

When not to do it!

When shouldn’t you do retail therapy? Retail therapy without intentionality occurs when someone does not have any specific reason why they’re spending money;

-It may occur because they just want more stuff than what they already have, which often leads them to fall into debt, and thereby even more problems and stressful situations.

-It can also be a bad idea to do retail therapy with the intent of fixing a problem that is caused by something else or from some other source.