The Truth About Chinese Takeaway Boxes

The Truth About Chinese Takeaway Boxes

When disposable food containers come, there is nothing more appropriate than Chinese takeaway boxes. Despite being an exclusively Asian creation, it has been related to Chinese food since its beginning. These takeaway boxes are easy to manufacture, convenient, and attractive inspired designs. These boxes also disclose into plates for your cheap Chinese takeaway feast, a bit-known fact that has only been freshly revived.

There are many reasons to love Chinese takeout boxes, but the question is where did they come from? They confidently didn’t come from China or somewhere else in Asia. Let’s take a deep look at the history of these appropriate takeaway boxes.

Evolution from the Oyster Pail
The earliest version of the Chinese takeaway boxes was patented by Frederick Weeks on Nov. 13, 1894, known as Weeks’ invention which he called a “paper pail” made from a single piece of paper that can be folded into an effectively leak-proof box and protected with a wire handle. It seemed to have grown from existing oyster pail skill, so that modern Chinese takeaway boxes are still sometimes mentioned as oyster pails.

Chinese Food and Boxes
As Chinese food became more popular and conurbations in the 1950s, they started to be sold in paper containers. The unexpectedly sturdy disposable food paper containers seemed perfect for the growing fame of Chinese takeaway boxes. Their smooth surfaces made it easy to transfer food onto plates, and the efficiently leak-proof design made loud sauce-heavy foods simple stuff.

Paper takeaway containers have come to denote Asian food throughout the United Kingdom. These paper containers today are generally made from sturdy bleached sulfate cardboard instead of paper, but the design remains comparatively unaffected. You can still find these boxes in takeaway food points worldwide, and they remain as suitable as always, particularly when you change them into your own plate.

Advantages of Chinese Takeout Boxes
Not only for foods but these takeout boxes are really valuable for food business holders as well, here are some reasons why takeout boxes:

Solid and stackable packing that consumes the least space.
Appropriate for all types of food and meals.
Informal and time-saving assembling
Protects paper consumption
Durable construction confirms the least wear and tear.
Easy to carry anywhere
Eco-friendly & Recyclable